old port of montreal

Montreal Attitude is a community based website. Its unique because it doesnt target the globe, but instead focuses on a community. Montreal and its surrounding areas are made up of multicultural international individuals that come together and join, like a strong linked chain.

The vision of Montreal Attitude is to bring these people even closer together, and allow for them make a difference, a change in the community. Our members are given a unique oppertunity to freely express themselves, and create polls about subjects that affect their everyday lives. With enough votes and local contribution, the city of Montreal and its surrounding areas can gain a clear insight to what the community's needs, wants, cares and concerns are.

The unity of the city members and its people is what will make this an even better place online and in the real world. Montreal Attitude and its staff will do their utmost to be active in the community and participate in the events that take place in montreal and its surrouding areas.

Please enjoy Montreal Attitude, it was created with you in mind.

The Staff